Favorite Apps of 2021

Favorite Apps of 2021

If you have the right applications on your smartphone, you can probably do everything you used to do on your laptop or desktop until a couple of years ago.As the screen size of smartphones has increased, so has the daily work on it.

This year, the dominance of the mobile operating system Android was such that in 2015, the world’s largest software company not only had to develop its most successful software product for Android smartphones, but also had to distribute its apps for free. Earlier this year, these applications made things easier for you. Many experts believe that in the next two to three years, people will watch more videos on the Internet and spend less time reading. They hear a lot about the various uses of video-related apps.

Let us tell you which are the seven favorite and successful apps released in 2015.


Microsoft launched its Word, PowerPoint and Excel on Android this year. After the 80’s, this software changed the world of computers.As the Android smartphone is now the world’s largest mobile operating system, Microsoft has designed its most successful software product specifically for Android. Just go to Google Play Store and download it for free from your smartphone.

Microsoft and Google are rivals and in the world of personal computers, Microsoft’s software is loved all over the world. But now in the world of smartphones, Microsoft is having to change its color.Microsoft, which has been making money from these softwares for decades, had to introduce its apps for the Android mobile platform this year and also to download them for free.


Launched this year, Periscope has changed the meaning of live broadcasts. With the help of this app, everyone who has a smartphone can now broadcast any event. The camera quality of the smartphone is also getting better than before, which makes it even easier.If you follow some people, you can see what they broadcast. You do not have to pay anyone to follow you and if someone does follow you, it will cost you money.


Launched the same year, Sling TV lets you turn the screen of your Android smartphone into a TV screen. With this app you can easily watch TV channels using your Wi-Fi 3G or 4G network.Sling TV can be seen everywhere but for this you have to buy a sling box. You can then watch your cable or satellite channel on any of your devices. According to the Android Authority, it will take some time to improve this app, but hopefully in 2016 it will be even better.


Cody is also a unique app that helps you watch videos, podcasts and listen to music. It also lets you listen to music stored on your home network. If you want to watch YouTube or Amazon videos, you can get help from Cody. You can play certain files on Windows Media Center, but on Cody you are free to play all kinds of files. Launched in 2015, this application can change your media viewing and listening habits.


In the world of photo sharing, Google Photos has launched a special app that has caused a stir in the tent of other photo sharing apps. It offers its customers unlimited storage options for online photo sharing, storage and backup. But for this, Google has also asked its users to slightly reduce the image resolution.


(6) If you download the app called ‘Khan Academy’ on your Android smartphone, you can watch about ten thousand hours of videos for the purpose of learning various things. And it’s all available for free. There is no age limit for learning and it can be a great app for students and adults alike.


(7) Keeping in mind the generation of video viewers, Google has tried to create a special world of videos for children by launching ‘YouTube Kids’ this year. Here children can watch their favorite videos and be watched by other family members. The app is currently only available in certain countries, but is expected to reach more countries in 2016.

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