Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google|SEO Optimization 2020

Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google|SEO Optimization 2020

Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google|SEO Optimization 2020

You want to rank number one on Google How do you think you do it Most people say you need to build a link Most people say you need to do page SEO But where do you start I am Neil Patel, and I am Today, I’m going to share with you seven free tools that will help you speed up my first tip on

Google Quick Spirit Analyzer an Is a free

Which you have to go to the quick encrypt that you put in your URL. This is a dynamic SEO application, and it will let you know and remove the wrong things and I will even take you step by step. Steps will also work out how to fix them, for example, if you are not putting your keywords in the right words in your title tag or in your Link.

Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google|SEO Optimization 2020
Or in it all your image tags.

will tell you instantly. And you’ll just click a button, and it also shows you keywords to add and you know what the cool part about sprouts is if PU are not technical and if you want to publish these changes you dont need to know the coding instant encrypt you can publish to another number If you are using WordPress I use Yeast SEO plugin, Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google|SEO Optimization 2020

This is my One of the favorite tools is

Version and a paid version that I personally use the paid version but you is amazing now every time Yeast SEO plugin With when you publish a blog post it will give you a score how you can perform your meta description of your title and you can come over and post them on my computer and post me choose different keywords and Search engine different. Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google|SEO Optimization 2020

Show users Yeast SEO plugin

is that you can optimize each of your blog posts to get the most traffic, and whenever you release a new blog post, they Also update your sitemap for you which adds me to my third free tool Now with Google Search Console what’s done with Google Search Console every time you publish new blog have an XML sitemap being created using the Yeast plugin for you

This is what I use and most of the experts

you use then submitted it to the search console in addition to the search console and also find out How many impressions your are getting and how many clicks you are getting. Lots of impressions but not too many clicks for pages that are popular and even let you know which keywords you are looking for but you can go and adjust your keywords to adjust your title tag along with them and SE.

Improve your Meta Link.

description by adding to adjust your meta display and maximize your clicks. This will increase your ranking. Even create a single link. I have a fourth tool. For me, Google Trends says it’s a car industry and there’s General Motors and BMW. The bother has a million of Dollars to spending on SEO. Has millions of back line you have a question.

How does Google know you should rank?

One of the factors within General Motors or BMW Google is brand questions and Google Trends shows you this because you can see that BMW is more popular than General Motors so if more people are typing in B. MW and all the other SEO factors are the same they are doing they are going to be the most popular car manufacturer of the other head for which I have fit free tool website for you responsive did you know There are more people using Google.

Google from their mobile or tablet

they are from their desktop or laptop which is crazy but just think about it the phones are not like these days safe in the days of Dell ZAC Morris Older Safe Now days they are smaller and they are really powerful. Sometimes they are more the powerful than some older computers so you want to make sure that your website is responsive and that the people on Can load the website extremely fast and using this.

SEO Optimization 2020

free tool it will show you that other website and mobile visitors are seeing your website the sixth device that I have is screaming for you frog Screaming Scream Frog is a super technical SEO tool that you put in the URL and it shows you every little thing. Which is incorrect from title to key title.

The keywords for the links analyze every

little thing with a high level technical frame work so make sure you check out Scream Frog and last but not least Google Page Insights from Google Page Speed Insights Find out how fast your website loads and if it slows down.This list shows you that you need to optimize both your desktop devices and mobile your website loads extremely fast because the point here is if someone is on your site, and It’s slow loading because these days when you’re using a mobile phone, what do you think

They’re definitely giving up because

Faster internet connection and LTE and 4G. But you know that in some areas there be still a naughty reception, so make sure your website loads very fast. Now check out tools that work really well and if you Want more tools and tips like this Make sure you subscribe to this channel as I am releasing more videos soon which may cover more SEO tools that can help promote your Rating as well as Hindi climb to the top faster.


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